This is us 
and our why.

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WE'RE 2 BEST FRIENDS. Home is Salt Lake City, Utah. We are down to travel anywhere and everywhere. We love skateboarding, snowboarding, playing in our garage band, climbing, camping and basically anything that gets us outside. Between breaking our bodies on our backyard mini-ramp and making Nicholas Cage themed podcasts, we are stoked on film and capturing the moments that matter. 


Our Goal 

We want to create something that you can look back on and remember exactly how you felt at that time.

We want to capture your day uniquely, vividly, and beautifully.

We want to create something so timeless and meaningful that you can enjoy over and over again. We are here to help you remember a time that made you think, “holy shit, that was beautiful.”

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This is Syd

She’s a professional dancer, graphic design student, and will 2nd shoot for us occasionally. We trust her with our life and also your wedding day.